Community Trade Associations

This community tool allow your organization to attract new members and fully engage existing ones with VOICEX. Built to deliver engaging content tools out of the box, VOICEX's newsletters, online surveys, and fundraising modules will keep members engaged beyond the legislative season.

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Professional Trade Associations

This professional community tool allow your organization impact legislation and regulations at the local, state, or federal level with VOICEX. Our streamlined interface allows you to mobilize supporters and get more budget dollars allocated to your industry and member concerns.

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Business Trade Associations

Stay enformed and get engaged.  This business  tool allow your organization to get engaged.  Also, this tool advocate engagement and move the needle on issues that matter with VOICEX. Easy-to-use and fast to deploy, VOICEX can help you build campaigns with guaranteed deliverability and one-click engagement from your supporters.

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The Best Community Digital Advocacy Solution

Where Innovation Join hands with Experience

VOICEX is the longtime leader in advocacy platforms, offering a comprehensive, digital advocacy solution to organize your stakeholders and amplify your message. With a single tool, you can mobilize supporters, find new advocates, and lead more successful campaigns by reaching the right audience.