Grassroot Community Innovation

From revolutionizing advocacy with the first digital platforms, we’re continuously investing in ways to help you move the needle on the issues that matter most to your organization.

To bring you the best possible solution, we’ve made strategic acquisitions, bringing together VOICEX, the #1 advocacy platform on the market, with other leading solutions, to create the largest and most trusted offering available.

Founded in 2022, VOICEX, our flagship advocacy solution, was designed to fill a gap in the market for a robust tool that would provide high value to users and keep innovating to meet the needs of modern digital communication. As the market leader, we continue to set the trends and prioritize the features that drive results for you.

Our vision remains simple: Deliver a seamless, powerful platform that lets you inspire advocates to action, so you can impact policy through actionable insights.

We strive every day to honor our commitment to the 750 associations, nonprofits and corporations who rely on us, through fostering a spirit of investment in our team, technology, and research.

Your mission is our mission. And we remain dedicated to supporting you with the products that help you and your organization excel. Today and into the future.

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Looking for a fully-comprehensive advocacy solution?

Discover Community Alliance Network (CAN)’s three-pronged approach to your advocacy campaigns to move the needle on your issues fast, with targeted campaigns.

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About Us

 FiscalNote is the premier information services company focused on global policy and market intelligence. By combining AI technology, expert analysis, and legislative, regulatory, and geopolitical data, Community Alliance Network (CAN) is reinventing the way that organizations minimize risk and capitalize on opportunity.

CAN empowers more than 750 clients worldwide to monitor, manage, and act on the issues that matter most to them. To learn more about CAN and our family of brands, visit